People often wonder  .... what do farmers do on their land? Here we'll give information and updates, month by month, about the tasks we undertake.


Algy's Farm is entering the busiest phase of the farming year.  

The crops we planted last August, which are usually ready for harvest from early July, are ready earlier this year due to the dry warm Spring.  The crops are very forward and when we started on 8 July it was our earliest start since 1976.

The harvest will go at a faster pace this year thanks to a higher capacity combine harvester arriving on the farm. We are sharing this magnificent machine with our neighbour. Then as soon as crops are harvested, the ground will be prepared for the next crops.

In mid August we sow Oil Seed Rape.  Soon afterwards Cover Crops are sown to help prevent nutrient loss and improved soil structure.  Winter Cereals will be sown from mid September onwards.

The Sugar Beet harvest starts in early October.  There is always a rush to lift the crop to maintain it's good condition. Our Sugar Beet goes to be processed at British Sugar's Cantley factory.

You may even be sweetening your tea with some of Algy's crop if you buy Silver Spoon sugar!!