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Now Halloween is over, Christmas is rapidly approaching at Algys Farm shop, the trees are coming and the bells are ringing!



Algy's Farmshop proudly offering the following at the farmshop.  Freshly picked on our farm.  

If you worry about the distance your vegetables have traveled, worry not.  These are all within a 10 mile radius.


We want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to know when our regular deliveries of the finest local produce is.

So please find all the details you need.

BREAD - Who doesn't love freshly baked warm bread

Algy's Farmshop now offers BREAD BAKED DAILY from our IN STORE BAKERY.  

We have decided to start with a few favourites such as baguettes, tiger blooms, white/granary and wholemeal loafs and crusty rolls. The selection will grow with requests from our customers telling us what they would like.

Just so you know,  we will still have our Friday bread from Bread Source in Aylsham.

Whats happening at the Farmshop!

At Algy's Farmshop you may have noticed some changes to the field as you drive up to the shop.    

We have made the pumpkin field bigger this year and the seeds are now in the ground ready for the celebrations in October.

You may have also noticed the bamboo canes, yes this year we are growing runner beans to stock in the farm shop.



We have lots of new products, here's a taster of some of them. We have more and more being added weekly so keep an eye on here and our Facebook page.