Algys make fantastic popcorn!  We cook top quality popcorn grains with our own home grown rape seed oil, sweetened with British Sugar, to create our seriously crunchy Algy's Norfolk Popcorn.

Available in large tubs and small and medium sized bags, from retailers throughout the East of England

"Best popcorn by far, you cannot fault the quality and the service that comes with it. Algy's Norfolk Popcorn values shine with their service. If your ever in town you have got to meet the team they support the community and go above and beyond. Algy's Farm Shop is how it should be, selling real fruit and veg with locally produced goods at a quality that no supermarket can ever get remotely close. Keep up the incredible work."
Jonathan Holder AKA Ziggy Zoo


Cooked right here on Algy's Farm at Bintree in the heart of Norfolk, we are proud to introduce you to our special home cooked Algy's Norfolk Popcorn.

Why is it so special? Well we think it's the great flavour and serious crunch which has been achieved after much trial and error plus some serious Popcorn munching by our ever willing tasting panel - “the family“.

The combination of the happiest corn under the sun, “it always makes us smile when it pops”, British sugar, British salt and being cooked in our home grown rapeseed oil, creates a wonderful creamy tasting popcorn!

We offer three great flavours to satisfy everyone's taste buds:

  • Lightly Salted
  • Sweet & Salt
  • Hot Chilli

'Algy’s Revenge' popcorn has the extra flavour sensation those of you with chilli cravings desire, as chilli extract is blended with our rapeseed oil to create this flavour which is definitely not for the faint-hearted!

Treat yourself to some serious crunching with Algy's Norfolk Popcorn - it's available from many retail outlets throughout the East of England and of course, here in our own Farm Shop.

Find out more by going to our dedicated Popcorn website >