Seasonal means vegetables and fruit available at this time of the year in our Farm Shop.  Straight from our fields and other local suppliers, they are packed full of flavour and taste and super fresh - who could ask for anything better!


Algy now has his very own homegrown lettuce.  Can't get any fresher than that.  We have in stock flat leafed/curly leafed and little gems lettuce.



The Asparagus season has started.  Our very own asparagus is now ready and for sale  - Graded is £3 per bunch or kitchen grade (loose) is £1 per 100g - its absolutely delicious so come along and buy it now!



Asparagus is one of the most sought-after vegetables. Its subtle flavour offers a real treat during the short time it is in season. It's surprisingly easy to grow. It thrives on well-drained soil or in raised beds, as long as it is kept well fed and weed-free.

FOR SALE IN OUR FARM SHOP:  1 year old dormant Asparagus crowns - 50p each.


Succulent Sharrington Strawberrries are now available in the Farmshop - delicious on their own or with cream or ice cream - who can resist them!

Strawberries (Sharrington) - simply the best!


We have Pumpkins, Sun Spot, Crown Prince and Butternut in our farm shop - all fresh from the field.

Seasonal, healthy and wonderfully versatile, Squash is an essential ingredient in many savoury and sweet dishes. However, with thick skins, hard flesh and an array of awkward shapes, it's easy to be put off if you've never prepared one before. Be careful when cutting into and peeling the skin.